Hi guys,

I will start a series of posts about configuring Arch Linux in a slim, straightforward way. But let me begin with some pros and cons about the Arch Linux distribution here.

The Arch Linux distribution describes itself as “a lightweight and flexible Linux distribution that tries to Keep It Simple”

Thats it - Arch Linux is absolutely the right distribution for you, if you like a system, what only does, what you have installed and configured. It does it only that way, no magic happens. In addition it has a great community with a up-to-date wiki about nearly all aspects of the system. So if you have to configure a package, it’s mostly enough to follow the associated article there.

Widely used distributions

There is no need to dive in as deep as you have to with Slackware or Gentoo. For example, normally you don’t have to compile anything, but you have the freedom to do it anyways. Both are like Arch Linux a rolling releases. That means, you can have always the latest stable version of the kernel and all software packages, mostly on the same day of their release. Big pro for update junkies and you never have to do a big upgrade after a half year of waiting.

On the other hand, there are Debian-based distributions like Ubuntu. They are working out of the box. They have a graphical installer, pre-configured packages and including proprietary drivers for e.g. graphic cards. Most Debian based distribution are not rolling released. They have big releases from time to time and you can choose to upgrade or stay with your release for a while. Updates are mostly security fixes only. If you a beginner or just want to use a good looking Linux, without have to worry about internals - choose them.


In my opinion, Arch Linux catches the sweet spot. Without spending most of the time in configuring details, you get an always up-to-date, slim distribution. And while working with it, you have the chance to learn a lot about how the linux-ecosystem works.

In future posts, I will help you with some aspects here.

Please leave a comment if something is wrong or missing. Or if you have any questions.

Have fun!

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