I bought my first 3D printer. Yes, I finally did it. After reading blogs, ratings and some youtube videos, I have chosen an Artillery Sidewinder X2. The following article tells you, why I think it was a good decision.

Pros and Cons

At time of writing this post, the Artillery Sidewinder X2 is a really smart choice if you don’t want to spend exorbitant money. If you love some features like a 300x300x400mm printable volume, an direct extruder, auto bed leveling, an included color-touch-display and a filament sensor. On top, its a really silent printer and the heat-bed is not only ultra fast heated up, the 220/110V heat-bed voltage needs no big power supply and so the installed power supply one needs only a semi-passive silent fan.

On the downside, this heat-bed is in reality a bit problematic. Because the head-bed construction has a very uneven temperature distribution. I think, you just must be clear about that fact and adjust the temperature if needed.

Also, if you read through some other blogs and youtube channels, some guys complain about the BL Touch auto-bed-leveling sensor clone, installed on the Sidewinder. I personally can’t complain about it, but I have to say, I did’t work with an BLtouch sensor yet.

Medium printing volume (300x300x400mm)
Direct extruder
Auto Bed-LevelingNo original BL-Touch, a Artillery clone with good precision
Ultra fast 220/110V coated glass heat-bedHeat-Bed uneven temperature distribution
Silent printing, drives, power-supply


That’s a great package for this money from Artillery. See in my other posts, how to update to latest Marlin firmware and for more advanced makers, see how to use Klipper3D with your Artillery Sidewinder X2.

Please leave a comment if something is wrong or missing. Or if you have any questions.

Have fun!

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